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Mission Kids


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The Mission is home to a wide variety of age groups, including many young families. That means lots of children, and a need for ministry programs designed especially for them.


Mission Kids is a children's ministry program that takes place during part of our Sunday morning service. Children will accompany their parents for the beginning of our service, and then be given direction on how and when to join our Mission Kids program. Parents will then pick their children up from their classroom(s) and sign them out following our service. 


Our Mission Kids program includes nursery care for those under 2 and classes for children from 2 years old up to grade 8.
(Please note, our grade 5 to 8 class will take a break for the summer.)

While in Mission Kids, children learn from God's word and learn how they can apply it to their life. All children are welcome, and are sure to love their time in Mission Kids! For more information about Mission Kids or if you would like to volunteer as a teacher, please send us an email using the form below. 

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