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Q&A Project

        Have a question you would like answered in a sermon? This is your chance; submit your question in the field box below and join us Nov 6 - 20, 2022 for the answer. Is it a piece of scripture that has always puzzled you, an ethical question, or would you like to know what position we take on a certain societal issue? We want to hear what concerns are on your heart so we can deliver relevant content in our sermons. All the questions submitted will be looked over on Tuesday November 1 so get your question in by then. All questions are submitted to us anonymously. We wont be able to answer every question; our staff will look for trends and save some questions for future sermon material. 

Please use the form below to anonymously submit your questions for our Q and A series this November.
Share your questions with us.

Thanks for sharing! Your question will be considered for our Q and A series this November.

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