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About Intergenerational Prayer Partnership

The Intergenerational Prayer Partnership Program (IP3) is all about pairing the children of The Mission Church with adults who will intercede in prayer for them throughout the year. We want to communicate to the children of The Mission Church that we, as The Mission Church, value them, and we are here for them.

IP3 introduces people across generational lines with each other for the purpose of encouraging prayer. We encourage our adult prayer partners to support the child they have been partnered with in prayer as regularly as possible and to follow the Holy Spirit, should He lead them to support their partner in any other way, with parental awareness and consent of course. 

We will only partner children who have signed up to be a part of our program. (Parents must complete the appropriate form below to sign up their child.)

In the event that we have more children than adults, we will simply begin a waiting list, and partner the children with an adult as soon as one comes available.

Join IP3 as an Adult or Child

If you would like to join our Intergenerational Prayer Partnership Program as an adult or sign your child up to be prayed for by an adult prayer partner, please follow the corresponding sign up steps below. You will be contacted once we have found you a partner. 

Adult Sign Up

Child Sign Up

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